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Sep 13, 2015 - Rev Matt Tuggle

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As always, we loved coming together with you in worship this weekend. We are excited about the new series, Hello Hurricane, that we’ve started and we’re looking forward to another great Sunday with you all. We hope to see you there!

Recap: Hello Hurricane

No matter how calm your life may be right now, it is inevitable that we will all face storms at some point or another. We’re not questioning whether the storms will come or not, but in these series we do want to ask ourselves if we will be ready when they strike. Over the next three weeks we’ll look at how to prepare for, weather, and recover from the storms that arise in our lives.

Yesterday, Matt introduced the series by asking the question: what is your foundation? A lot of times when we try to answer that question, we’re more likely to answer this question: what do you want to be your foundation? For now, it is important that we recognize what our foundation really is at this moment. Where do you turn when things go wrong?

In Matthew 7, we take a glimpse at two different people and how well they weather a storm. The first man built his house on a rock, and though the rain came and wind blew, his house did not fall. The second man built his house on the sand and when the rain came and the wind blew, his house took a great fall.

How well we handle the storms in life really comes down to our foundation. When we get stressed, we tend to regress to what we know best. 

Matt broke down our potential reactions into 3 categories. In the face of the storm, you are likely to either:

1. Hit the bottle

2. Hit the dog

3. Hit your knees

1. This may mean a literal bottle of alcohol for you. It may mean some other form of consumption or substance abuse that you turn to. If your regular reaction to a hard day or a stressful time is to retreat and have a drink, then that is likely where you will turn when the storms come.

2. Hopefully you don’t literally hit your dog or anybody in your life, but maybe you are the kind of person who lashes out at people when times are hard. Instead of bottling your pain up, you let it explode on the people around you. Maybe you blame people for the bad things that happen to you.

3. Sometimes we realize that all we can do is fall on our face in prayer and recognize that we can’t handle what is happening in our lives on our own. 

Where do you turn when tragedy strikes? It’s important to develop a strong foundation in Christ before the storm is even on the horizon. But how do we do that?

Having a foundation in Christ is more than just believing in his existence. We also need to actively pursue him.

So your challenge this week is two fold:

1. Admit to yourself what your true foundation currently is.

2. Decide on one habit that will help you act on your belief and pursue Christ. This could be daily prayer, scripture reading, quiet time, etc. What is a habit you can practice now so that you’ll be quick to turn to it when the storm comes?

Next week we’ll talk about how to rest in that firm foundation. We hope to see you there!

Reading Schedule:

For the next 3 weeks we’ll be taking a close look at Psalm 23, which is only 6 verses. The first day you can read the whole psalm, and then the next few days really study the few verses listed. You could even try memorizing it if you want to!

Tuesday: Psalm 23
Wednesday: Psalm 23:1-3
Thursday: Psalm 23:4
Friday: Psalm 23:5-6

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