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I want to go back (Cornerstone)

Mar 1, 2015 - Rev Paul Rasmussen

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Reflection Questions

Where are places you go to recalibrate?

Does the concept of Holy Communion as a place to recalibrate change your perspective on the sacrament?

In what ways do you need to attach yourself to the love, purity, and strength of Christ?

This week Rev. Paul Rasmussen focused on the importance of Holy Communion as a place to recalibrate our relationship with God.

Recalibration is important in our lives. When we feel down or off or we need a kick start, revisiting a special place may often help us regroup and reopen our minds and hearts. Paul explained that, historically, pilgrimages have played a significant role in recalibrating and going deeper in one's relationship with God. He observed that we cannot properly understand the sacrament of Holy Communion without understanding the concept of pilgrimage.

Re-read Mark 14:12-16; 22-25. These verses tell us about the last supper Jesus shared with his disciples during which he instituted the sacrament of Holy Communion. Jesus and his disciples traveled to Jerusalem as part of an annual pilgrimage to celebrate Passover. Passover remembers when God liberated the ancient Israelites from centuries of slavery under the Egyptians. Jesus took the ancient ritual of the Passover meal and made it a place to reorient and recalibrate our lives in him.  

Holy Communion represents a pilgrimage of our hearts back to the foot of the cross where Jesus gave up his life for us so that our sins would be forgiven and we would have eternal life lived in God's love. In communion, through God's grace, we attach ourselves to the purity and love of Christ. Holy Communion is a place where we can reorient our lives and our relationship with God and where we can receive strength and peace from Christ. God is present when we celebrate communion -- it is a place where we can be sure He always shows up.

I hope you will join us next week as we continue our new sermon series, Mark, looking at the life and death of Jesus through the lens of the Gospel of Mark.


Blessings and peace in Christ,

Ramsey P.
Associate Pastor, Cornerstone

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