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Hands and Feet

Apr 15, 2018 - Rev. Victoria Robb Powers

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April 15th Sermon

Hands and Feet” by Rev. Victoria Robb Powers

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Luke 24:36b-48

Jesus presents himself to his doubting and fearful disciples in Luke 24 with the curious statement that they should look at his hands and feet for assurance of his identity. For us, we may also be curious to know if we could recognize any of our friends by their hands and feet.

Interestingly, our hands may tell more about us than we initially realize – we all carry rings that represent loved ones or traditions; we have callouses that reveal work or hobbies that we’ve spent blood, sweat, and tears over; we have scars that are visual reminders of past memories. In fact, our faces are our primary identifier, but they can be changed to hide our emotions or what we’re thinking. Our hands cannot lie about who we are.

Think of Jesus’ hands – hands that broke bread with the disciples; hands that multiplied the loaves and fishes to feed 5,000 people; hands that made mud to heal a blind man; hands that welcomed the little children; hands that took hold of Peter when he was about to drown; hands that were outstretched and nailed to a cross.

Think of Jesus’ feet – the feet Mary knelt at while Martha worked; feet that the hemorrhaging woman reached for in hope of healing; feet that the sinful woman wept upon and dried with her hair; feet that carried Jesus many miles to preach the Kingdom of God; and feet that were nailed to that same cross.

Jesus did not simply pass over the pain of the human life because of his divine nature; he went right through it. The scars on his hands and feet are proof of his sharing in life with us.

Look at your hands and feet. What story will they tell?

Will your hands be outstretched to those less fortunate? Will they be open to receive, or clenched in fear? Will they labor for God’s kingdom? Will they rest when the time comes to rest? Will your feet carry you to take the good news or carry you to do the work of God’s Kingdom?

When the world searches for Jesus, they will look to see what our hands and feet have done.

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