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Already, But Not Quite Yet

May 14, 2017 - Jared Jaggers

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In Psalm 31, King David calls out to God for rescue and deliverance from adversity while simultaneously praising God as a trustworthy refuge and savior. He was most likely fleeing from his son who was trying to take the throne my means of a violent rebellion, so his trust in God was challenged by the realities that made salvation seem impossible. Jesus may have felt the same way when he quoted Psalm 31:5 from the cross: “Into your hand I commit my spirit.”

Like David and Jesus, we often come to worship God on Sundays with realities of life and feelings that make salvation and redemption seem impossible. As Christians, we have hope that God has already saved us and the world, but that salvation is not quite fully enacted yet. We sing hymns and participate in liturgy to lament the brokenness of the world, but also to praise the faithful God who is working to make all things new. Even when we don’t feel like trusting God is possible, we take communion and receive the salvation of Jesus into our bodies.

When our reality seems like God is not saving anything, there are often people in our lives who act as a refuge for us and show us a partial glimpse of God’s infinite love. As we celebrate and remember our mothers, we honor them for embodying God’s love and refuge and we praise God for the salvation we have received and will receive.

Food for Thought:

  • Mothers are an obvious example for many of us, but pause to offer gratitude for people who act as a refuge for you in difficult times.
  • What realities or evils in the world make you question God’s trustworthiness? Meditate for a few moments and ask yourself if God could be inviting you to participate in God’s good work to transform that reality.
  • What ways has God’s infinite grace transformed you for the better? Allow this evidence of your salvation to be a catalyst for hope and gratitude today.

May you take refuge this week in the God who is faithful to keep saving us. Whether your week is joyful or painful, know that you are saved and that God continues to work for good in our world. Amen.

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