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The Twenties

Every decade is known for something: The Beatles, Woodstock, big hair, the internet. In 10 years, the 2020s will be remembered for something; we just don't know what. 

Join us for this series, “The Twenties: Define your Decade,” to help determine what the 2020s will be known for — for you. 

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Small Group Questions:

  • If you look back over the last 100 years, which decade would be your favorite? Least favorite?
  • What's one thing you are looking forward to during the 2020s?
  • If you could choose one word to define the 2020s for you, what would it be?
  • What are a few ways that you can be intentional about growing closer to God as you look toward the next 10 years?

Sermons in this Series

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Run Your Race (Cornerstone)

2020 / Rev Paul Rasmussen


Choose Life

2020 / Hannah Buchanan


Meet the Boss (Cornerstone)

2020 / Rev Paul Rasmussen


The Ripple Effect (Cornerstone)

2020 / Rev Paul Rasmussen


The Decade Ahead (Cornerstone)

2020 / Rev Paul Rasmussen


The Twenties (Cornerstone)

2020 / Rev Matt Tuggle