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We often think of temptation as one fatal moment — one click of the mouse, one late-night text, one more drink. What if it’s not? What if we are more in danger of the slow and steady drift, the current that pulls us offshore until it’s too late and our toes can't touch the bottom?

In this series, we'll explore the currents that catch us and identify three safety features that can keep us close to shore.

Never Swim Alone

Did you know most drowning deaths occur when a person is swimming alone? A riptide can suck even the strongest swimmer out to sea. We're all susceptible to the pull. 

During our sermon series, “Riptide,” we’ll look at the buddy system and why it's risky to swim through life alone. Scroll down for practical tips on how to find your buddy and make sure you're both swimming in safety!


Find your lifeguard

Like a riptide, the temptations of life can slowly pull us in the wrong direction. So, how do we get out when we’re in too deep?

If you need a “lifeguard” to bring you back to safety, please email our Congregational Care team.

Our Congregational Care Ministry is here to provide love and support even in the most difficult times.

Sermons in this Series

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Far from Shore

2019 / Rev. Stephen Lohoefer


Never Swim Alone (CS)

2019 / Hannah Buchanan


Never Swim Alone (Cornerstone)

2019 / Rev Matt Tuggle


Read the Waves (CS)

2019 / Hannah Buchanan


Read the Waves (Cornerstone)

2019 / Rev Matt Tuggle