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How to help a friend

  • Believe her.
    • “I am so glad that you are here and sharing this with me. What is happening in your relationship is not okay and I want to support you as best we can.”
  • Don’t blame her.
    • “This is not your fault. You have not done anything wrong and you deserve to be safe in your home.”
  • Help her begin to think about safety planning.
    • “Let’s talk about how we can help. Who are other people you trust that you can talk to about this? When are the times you feel most vulnerable or unsafe?”
    • Pray and…TAKE ACTION!
  • Refer her to Genesis or a local DV shelter.
    • “How do you feel about reaching out to Restoration Ministries for support? I know they also have a relationship with Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support. Let me tell you a little bit about what help they can provide.”
    • Empower her to begin taking steps to take care of herself.
  • Continue to provide support and presence even after referring.
    • “I would love for us to continue meeting regularly so that we can support you as best we can.”
    • It will be really important that she feel cared for and supported throughout this process by her church family through continued acknowledgment and communication from those she has sought out for help.