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How to recognize abuse

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Restoration Ministries promote prevention, intervention, and recovery in the areas of child abuse, domestic abuse, and sexual assault.

What We Do

Restoration Ministry offers resources for individuals and families experiencing abusive behavior, as well as survivors of child abuse, domestic abuse and sexual abuse (child or adult). We are committed to providing training and tools for our staff, lay leaders, and congregation so that they may protect themselves and the children in our midst.

Is someone you love hurting you?

If you or someone you know is experiencing signs of abuse, we would love to connect with you to help you discern what to do to begin to heal. Please call or email Hillary Owen if you have experienced or observed any of the following:

  • You are afraid or threatened by another person, including your intimate partner.
  • You are ridiculed, put down, made fun of, or belittled.
  • You are not free to come and go as you wish.
  • Your possessions are damaged.
  • You are verbally attacked.
  • You are spied on, followed, or harassed.
  • You are isolated from family and friends.
  • You are forced to have sex against your will or without consent.
  • You are refused help when you are sick or injured.
  • Your finances are restricted.
  • You are left in a dangerous place.
  • You are pushed, shoved, slapped, kicked, strangled, or threatened with a weapon.

Coming Soon: Restoration Place

We are excited to open Restoration Place in 2017, where we will provide therapy to survivors of abuse at no cost. We look forward to introducing our Restoration Ministries therapist to you very soon!

Connect With Us

Connect with Hillary:

Hillary is the Director of Restoration Ministries. Hillary has over ten years of ministry experience in the Park Cities area, including youth ministry, missions and outreach, and sexual education for children and youth. Her personal experience with sexual assault, domestic and child abuse has driven her passion for increasing awareness and prevention, particularly in the faith environment. Hillary’s vision is that HPUMC would become a beacon of hope and healing for victims and survivors, and that other faith communities would be inspired and challenged by the way we have addressed these areas of abuse.