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Of the 65,000 words in the New Testament, 39,000 were spoken by Jesus himself.

In many Bibles, Jesus' words stand apart from the rest as they are printed in red. These red letters tell compelling stories and make bold proclamations that inspire, challenge, and sometimes even confuse us. Red letters of Scripture were relevant when they were first spoken over 2,000 years ago and they still remain relevant today. Join us this summer as we dig deeper and explore the words of Jesus - the red letters.

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Do you have your summer reading planned out? A few beach reads and maybe catching up on that book you’ve been dabbling in the past few months? Consider including the reading plan below. The Gospel of Matthew will take you through the entire life of Jesus in nine weeks!

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Scripture Unscripted

Join Rev. Elizabeth Moseley and Rev. Phil Dieke, just two normal people talking in a normal way about Scripture. They happen to be clergy, but don't hold that against them. This summer Elizabeth and Phil will be digging deep into the red letters of Scripture.

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It's Worth It

Rev Elizabeth Moseley

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The gift of talents

Rev. Stephen Lohoefer

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How’s your soil?

Rev. Stephen Lohoefer

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