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Parent Quarterlies

Each quarter, we will bring in an esteemed speaker to present and facilitate discussion around a relevant topic of interest to HPUMC Families. Contact Lucy McDaniel if you have any questions.

September 14, 2014: Dr. Ken Wilgus (download MP3)

November 16, 2014: Andy Braner (download MP3)

February 9, 2015: Kay Wyma (download MP3)

September 27, 2015: Ken Wilgus (download MP3)

October 25, 2015: Kathleen Fischer (download MP3)

November 8, 2015: Kathleen Fischer (download MP3)

November 15, 2015: Kathleen Fischer (download MP3)

February 28, 2016: Dr. Cathey Soutter (download MP3)

April 10, 2016: Beth Reeder Johnson (download MP3)

November 6, 2016: Michael Fowler (download MP3)

February 5, 2017: Christy Baca (download MP3)

September 10, 2017: Kay Colbert (download MP3)

There are no Parent Quarterlies available right now, but please check back soon, as we update regularly.