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Partnering with HPUMC

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Highland Park United Methodist Church. The mission of HPUMC is to help people become deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ serve their neighbors in need around the world. 

HPUMC Outreach intends to engage people to fight poverty and promote justice. We want to see a dedicated and mobilized community, empowered by the Holy Spirit, making a significant, sustainable impact on poverty and embracing issues of justice. 

HPUMC Areas of Focus


  • Provides equal access to affordable healthcare
  • Treats patients with dignity and respect
  • Provides prevention, care, and education
  • Provides excellent nutrition


  • Creates and/or supports affordable housing
  • Provides emergency shelter that leads to more permanent housing


  • Educates and/or mentors vulnerable children and youth
  • Educates adults to aid in job placement and economic empowerment

Geographical Focus:

  • We believe that limiting our focus to specific areas will multiply our impact in those areas. It is our intention that the partnerships we engage in will complement each other.
  • Community Ministries:
    • Dallas County
  • Global Outreach:
    • Central America, the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa

Beginning the Partnership Process

1. New applicants must submit a pre-qualification form by June 1 for consideration in the following calendar year. 

2. If a full application is requested by the committee from a new applicant, then

  • if it is a local organization, a site visit will be scheduled
  • if it is a global organization, a Skype or in-person visit will be set up with the committee.

3. Applications for existing partners and new applicants will be sent out by August 31 and will be due to the church by December 15.

4. Final partnership decisions will be made by the Outreach Committee in March. Applicants can expect to be notified by April 1. If funds are awarded, they will be dispersed in two parts; one in early April and the other in early July. Please note that existing partners receive priority over new requests.

Please note that the request process can take over a year.

For more information, please contact Lisa McLaughlin,