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For. It’s a simple word that packs a powerful, positive message.

Locally, there’s so much that we are FOR: fighting poverty, ministering to families, developing young leaders, starting new churches, and making deeply devoted followers of Jesus. In short, we are FOR Dallas.

During these 40 days of Lent, we are asking you to reflect, to serve, and to set aside $1 each day. If you were to do this, at the end of Lent, you would end up with $40 for HPUMC’s annual Easter offering. Do you know what that $40 can do?

It can do a lot.

Join us as we rejoice in the resurrection of our Savior. Bring your gift on Easter Sunday or give online. And together, let's make a difference FOR Dallas!

God Bless,

Rev. Paul Rasmussen

Through our local and global partners you have provided:

  • 420 - Christmas Eve dinners with our friends at Austin Street Center
  • 1,500 - Christmas gifts for adults and children
  • 50,000 - People received medical treatments & health services
  • 2,500,000 - Meals provided around the world

Donate today:

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