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How to Serve

We are so grateful for our helpers—they are the backbone of our program. Without those who serve, we would not have Night OWLS. Those who serve provide a worry-free night for the parents. Those who serve say that they receive more than they give. Everyone is blessed at Night OWLS.

Those who serve are required to complete an application, consent to a background check, complete an online training, and attend an in-person training once a year. Those who serve must be 18 years of age. If you are interested in serving, please complete the Serving Application and the Background Consent Forms below. Melanie Lucido, Night OWLS coordinator will follow up with you upon receipt to discuss the next steps in serving. 

ashleyPlease complete the Background Consent Form and return to:
Melanie Lucido
Night OWLS Coordinator
3300 Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX 75205

Serving Application

Child Protection Policy

Background Consent Form


Serving FAQs

Those who serve are asked to attend once a month and they can chose which date works best for them. On Friday nights, dinner is served to those who serve at 5:15 and orientation meeting begins at 5:30. Children arrive at 6:00 and will be picked up by 10:00 pm. After an assigned child leaves, they are free to leave.

No, those who serve are trained each year. On the application, those who serve can specify if they would be comfortable working with a child with special needs or a sibling.

Each applicant must complete an application, consent for background check, and provide references.

Prior to attending a night, anyone who serves must complete an online sexual abuse awareness training. Within the first six months of their start date, those who serve must attend a training session. After the training, those who serve are required to attend yearly trainings. Those who serve must consent to a background check every two years.

Anyone who serves must be 18 years old. Those who serve that are between the ages of 14 and 18 must attend with a parent.

NightOWLS does not provide any child care for children of those who serve.

Those who serve do not need to attend HPUMC.

Providing dinner to those who serve, contributing financially, and providing entertainment.

Groups such as Sunday school classes, UMW Circles, friends, and families, generously provide meals for those who serve.  Volunteers are served dinner before the families attend.  If you are interested in providing dinner, please contact Melanie Lucido.

Night OWLS makes every Friday night memorable for the children by bringing in special entertainment, including activities such as magicians, dancers, petting zoos, SPCA dogs, etc. If you have ideas for special entertainment and/or are interested in helping schedule such activities for Night OWLS, please contact Karen Gilmore at 214.523.2276.