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 Children's Choirs

Children's Choirs

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Register for Choir by emailing Terrie at (make sure there are 3 “t”s!).  Give her your child’s name and grade in school. By registering your child for this HPUMC program, you are giving permission for their picture to be used on our website and publications, unless explicitly stated otherwise in writing.  


NewSong Children's Choirs provide our children with opportunities to become deeply devoted followers of Christ by learning the joys of praising God through singing. Our objectives are:

  • To spread the Good News about Jesus Christ through singing songs of faith;
  • To teach scripture and Bible stories through song;
  • To teach hymns and songs of the faith while developing a beautiful singing voice,
  • To instill a love for and an understanding of worship through active participation in worship;
  • To experience worship in a meaningful way;
  • To enjoy fellowship with Choir Friends along their Faith Journey.

Children's Choirs FAQ

Newsong - Newsong Promo PicIs it too late for my child to join? 
NO! Not at all! Come and bring a friend! The Choir door is always open! Our Choir Year is from September to April.

What if I can't come every week?
Please come when you can.  Your children will grow in faith and ability and confidence every time they come, so the more often, the better, but please don't let an absence keep you from coming!

What if I have a friend for a sleepover?  
Bring your friend! They may want to join us - and that's Awesome! Spreading the Good News of our Lord is our Mission - - Coming to choir with you could be the first step for a new family to find God!

Younger Children's Choirs

WeeSong Choir for 4/5 year olds (4 years old by September 1)

Sunday mornings from 10:30 – 11:00 in Room 142 
Directed by Patsy Brooks

GladSong Choir for Kinder/Primer

Sunday mornings from 10:30 – 11:00 in Room 4
Directed by Jan Baker

"Ms. Jan" is a veteran elementary music teacher, and is our Movement Teacher for Amp It Up Music Camp.

Elementary Choir

JoyfulSpirit Choir for 1st - 5th Graders

Sunday mornings from 10:30 – Noon in Room 5
Directed by Terrie Preskitt-Brown

"Ms. Terrie" is the Director of Children's Choirs and Special Programs/Music Associate since 2004.

Stephanie Ellis ( ) is our NewSong Administrative Assistant!