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You may submit a prayer request online or via phone at 214.599.9485.

Call unto me and I will answer thee and show thee great and wonderful things which thou knowest not.” Jeremiah 33:3

What is the Prayer Tower?

On January 16, 1975, a small group of our church people were interested in furthering the HPUMC evangelism program by starting a Prayer Ministry. We discussed how the ministry could begin with a group of loving, caring members who wanted a special place in the church where members could go to meditate, to feel the presence of the Lord, and pray for the needs of people. Clarice Nichols was the Director Emeritus and the very strength of the planning of our Prayer Tower we have today. It didn't take Clarice and her friend Lola Elliott long to get the small room with stained glass windows decorated and furnished with a desk, a few chairs, a kneeling bench, all with beautiful taste and a very simple understated elegance. This is how the Prayer Tower came into existence.

What is the purpose and procedure?

As to the logistics of the Prayer Tower, seven people are the Coordinators, with each Coordinator being responsible for ten Intercessors on their day of the week from seven in the morning through five o’clock in the evening. At the end of the day the calls are forwarded to an Intercessor’s home to take calls during the night, making this a 24-hour ministry. The Coordinator sees that each Intercessor is at his or her post. If for some reason that Intercessor cannot come, due to illness or any problem, then the Coordinator will find a substitute for this particular hour. This is the way our Prayer Tower functions today. We have over 70 Intercessors serving one hour a week. There are several substitutes, a great and wonderful team of Prayer Warriors, who love the Lord and feel so blessed to be serving Him. We have four books in the Prayer Tower listing incoming prayers:

  • One book is for illness only
  • One book is for non-illness (those with family or business problems)
  • One book is for long-term prayers, such as for our country, our president, our Pastor, etc.
  • One book is for our military stationed throughout the United States and the world
What will you do? 

When a person wishes to become an Intercessor, they will be given instructions as to what to do and will have the chance to become acquainted with the Prayer Tower before they take their permanent hour. As Intercessors we have seen God’s powerful hand in answer to many requests in the Prayer Tower books. Oh what a joy and blessing it is to serve in our Prayer Tower! Serving in the Prayer Tower is a heart-warming experience where one sees and knows the true power of prayer and the very omnipotence of our God. We are grateful that 30 churches in our metroplex have patterned their Prayer Tower from the Highland Park Prayer Tower Ministry… and may it all be to His Glory as we continue to serve our Heavenly Father.

In Christ’s Name,
The Prayer Tower team

Men ought always to pray and never lose heart.” Luke 18:1