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Healing Estranged Relationships – Meeting Sites

HEALING ESTRANGED RELATIONSHIPS “H.E.R. Group” meetings are non-denominational. Your privacy is respected and you will be asked to sign a confidentiality statement when you join us. There is no charge to attend.

New meeting sites across the USA, Canada and abroad are in developmental stages. We welcome inquiries from all those interested in establishing a “H.E.R. Group” in their community; guidance and start-up kits are available. Please contact us at


Locations & Schedules

Dallas, TX

Highland Park United Methodist Church
Meets the Second Monday of each month from 6-7:30 pm in Room 120
Dr. Jana Rentzel, PhD.

Contact:  Libby Baker of the H.E.R. Group at 214.523.2152

Boulder, CO

Contact:  Dr. Patti Ashley at 720.565.3388

Alexandria, MN

Contact: Lynn Arnquist, 320.808.1649

St. Charles, Illinois

Contact: Lori McGuire at 630.939.6928

Swedesboro, New Jersey

Contact: Laurie Peterson