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Congregational Care Staff

Rev. Ramsey Patton

Associate Pastor, Director of Caring Ministries

office: 214.523.2108

Rev. Joe Stabile

Associate Pastor, Director of Congregational Care

office: 214.523.2298

Rev. Dawn Anderson

Associate Minister

office: 214.523.2243

Dr. Jeremiah Booker

Associate Minister

office: 214.523.2118

Rev. Barbara Marcum

Senior Associate Pastor of Congregational Care

office: 214.523.2248

Rev. Arville McLain

Associate Minister

office: 214.523.2114

Trissie Osborn

Congregational Care

office: 214.523.2245

Mary Bishop

Baptisms and New Births

office: 214.523.2202

Susan Rogers

Welcoming and Congregational Care Coordinator

office: 214.523.0622

Becky Hancock

Congregational Care Coordinator

office: 214.523.2241