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The Columbarium at Highland Park

The Columbarium at Highland Park is a serene place for contemplation and a special space to gather for celebration — a beautiful courtyard with a fountain and granite walls that list the names of our dear departed members on the front of each niche where urns bearing their ashes are stored. As cremation has increasingly become a more popular option at the end of life, our congregation has responded by allowing the ashes of our deceased members to remain and be cared for at their church home in perpetuity.

About The Columbarium

Situated around the base of Cox Chapel and nestled between existing trees and landscape, the Columbarium contains 461 companion niches, accommodating the cremains (cremated remains) of 922 people. The longer-term plan (Phase Two) will include space for 1440 more urns in 720 companion niches. The project was planned over several years and subscribers started making their commitments in the Spring of 2010.  The Columbarium at Highland Park was dedicated on Sunday, April 17, 2011.

To learn more about how you can reserve a space in the Columbarium at Highland Park United Methodist Church, call Rev. Joe Stabile at 214.523.2298, or email .

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