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High School

A safe place to ask questions, develop friendships, and pursue Christ through worship, biblical teaching, and service. 

High School is an exciting, trying, and at times very stressful season. From 9th-12th grade, we help our high schoolers find a safe community in which to navigate these waters and prepare for what comes next. With everything we do, we are intentional about equipping and empowering high schoolers to continue to live as disciples of Jesus into the 13th grade!

High School Pastors


Peyton Tippet
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Chelsea Peddecord
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Matt McHugh
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The Phase Where Family...

Rally around a common project.
Identify a local organization for your family to “adopt.” Decide how much time and money you’d like to donate to the organization annually.

Recruit 3-5 adults to help prepare for the 13th grade.
Launch is just around the corner, find a handful of adults who are helping your family prepare. Youth small group leaders are some of these adults for many families.

Encourage their high schoolers to lead others.
High schoolers make great small group leaders for elementary and middle school students.

Join us for High School Girls Night!

Saturday, October 27 | 7 pm
It's that time of year again! High School Girls Night has been planned by some of our senior girls and it will be an incredible night of food, fun, and karaoke. The seniors have planned a night that will allow girls across different grades and schools to get to know each other better and have an older student to look up to! Your daughter won't want to miss this fun and impactful night.

Register today!

Youth Calendars

Download our fall calendars!
Be sure to Download, Print and Save all of the awesome activities we have planned for your youth this fall!

Middle School Fall Calendar

High School Fall Calendar

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HPUMC Youth Ministries

High School Bible Study
9:30 am Sundays, Room 329
High School Bible Study is a place for students to read and interpret the Bible. Students will engage in a pancake breakfast, acoustic worship, Biblical teaching, and table groups where they can discuss scripture.
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7:30 pm Wednesdays, Youth Basement
WOW is a place for students to learn how to worship passionately and live in community. Students will engage in worship, a sermon, and enter into Life Groups to wrap up the night.
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8:00 pm Wednesdays (Immediately after WOW)
A community of high schoolers, led by two committed adults, where lasting friendships and deeper faith are forged.
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Youth Band
Wednesdays and Sundays
Youth Band meets every Sunday and Wednesday throughout the year to provide worship experiences for multiple environments.
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Youth Choir
10:30 am Sundays (rehearsal), Room 391
A fun opportunity for students to learn about the faith through singing each week and sharing their talents at a variety of worship services throughout the year.
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The Walk
All ages with Special Needs can attend a Sunday morning environment with four classroom settings to accommodate multiple learning styles, developmental stages, and interests for those seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.
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A theatrical troupe for teens (16 and up) and adults. Six months of weekend rehearsals culminate in two stage performances each February.
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Kingdom Singers 4:00 pm Sundays (rehearsal), Room 142
Our new choir for folks of all ages with Special Needs.
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