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Haiti Partnership

Haiti Partnership

As the first global mission project of HPUMC, our church has supported the Haiti Clinic since 1976. HPUMC supports the salaries of 2 doctors and 3 nurses in addition to helping maintain the equipment. Any amount contributed is greatly important to continue the legacy and growth of this ministry.

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Arrival in Petit Goave

After a tearful arrival at the Methodist Guest House in Petit Goave, Dr. Gary Fish tells stories about the 2010 earthquake to Dexter Evans and Martti Benson.

They are standing next to the field where the mission team spent several days awaiting evacuation.

Dedication of the Eye Clinic

Caroline Hazlett, along with Pastor Dorseley, address the Petit Goave community at the dedication ceremony of the newly re-built Eye Clinic. 
The clinic was destroyed in the earthquake, and on January 12th, the fourth anniversary of the earthquake, it was dedicated in honor of Jean Arnwine, who lost her life due to the injuries she suffered, and the 360,000 Haitians who also lost their lives.

Dr. Gary Fish, Susan Brooks, Caroline Hazlett (all from HPUMC) and Pastor Paul cut the ribbon, officially opening the new clinic building. 

Karen Gardner stands with Ruben, the man responsible for saving her life in 2010. She was trapped in the rubble of the collapsed clinic until he came to pull the team out. They stand next to a photo from 2010 of Karen and Jean Arnwine. The clinic is dedicated in memory of Jean and the picture will hang in the clinic to remember her.

Providing quality eye care to the Petit Goave community

On January 13th there were 250 people waiting for the clinic to open for the day when the team arrived. Some patients had arrived as early as 4am.

The team was able to care for 146 patients in one day!

Dr. Gary Fish, with assistant Carrie Tarter and one of the team's incredible interpreters, examines patients in the clinic's waiting room.

Dr. Fish and his assistant Carrie Tarter examine 10-year-old Jesula who came to the clinic through a connection with Kanakuk. She was poked in the eye with a pencil while at school, and she has some scarring that is affecting her vision. She'll receive a contact to correct her vision, and she'll be good as new!

This is 15-year-old Derline when she arrived at the clinic on January 13th. She has been bullied because of her crossed eyes, and she came to the clinic to find out if she could have corrective surgery. 

Dr. Pete Campbell and members of the team operate on Derline to correct her crossed eyes. 

Derline is all smiles after her successful surgery.

Thanks Dr. Campbell!




One of the best ways you can personally reach those in need in Haiti through the Eye Clinic is to donate new and used eyeglasses, reading glasses, and even sunglasses. Bring your donations to the Donation Drop any time the church is open (most days 7am - 6pm). Collection bins are located outside Room 377 on the 3rd floor.