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The Grove Church

The Grove Church

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HPUMC's newest campus is located in Northwest Dallas just 8.6 miles from the HPUMC Mockingbird campus and 13.1 miles from Munger Place Church. However, Schreiber’s legacy didn’t start here...

A Mission Outpost

The church was originally a mission outpost of First Methodist Church, in Dallas, started in 1888 (28 years before HPUMC began). This outpost started just south of Commerce Street in downtown Dallas. Its location changed several times over the next few years for many reasons, including being destroyed by a tornado in the 1890’s.

Ervay Street Methodist

After purchasing its first property at the corner of Ervay Street and Colonial Avenue in 1905, ground was broken on July 4, 1908, beginning the era of Ervay Street Methodist. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the building on March 27, 1964.

Schreiber Memorial UMC - Sanctuary Stained Glass

Schreiber Methodist Church

In 1964, Mrs. W. E. Schreiber donated 5.76 acres of the Schreiber family's cotton farm (in northwest Dallas) to the Dallas Board of Church Extension as a memorial to her late husband.  

The land gift was offered to the members of Ervay Street with the condition that it be built of brick instead of wood. On May 23, 1965, ground was broken on this new property and the first worship service was held on December 12, 1965, beginning the era of Schreiber Memorial Methodist Church.

Schreiber United Methodist Church

In 1968 two denominations, Evangelical United Brethren and Methodist Episcopal Churches, merged as one, and Schreiber became a United Methodist Church. On December 6, 2015, Schreiber Memorial UMC celebrated 50 years in its Northwest Dallas community.

A Campus of Highland Park United Methodist Church

On Sunday, February 7, 2016 the congregation of Schreiber Memorial UMC voted to join the family of churches of Highland Park United Methodist Church to become HPUMC’s third campus. The congregation of HPUMC voted to accept the Schreiber community into its family on February 15, 2016, and announcements for the next era of ministry will be announced in the coming months.

Find The Grove Church

4525 Rickover Drive
Dallas, Texas 75244

Rev. Stephen Lohoefer
Campus Pastor

Quick Facts

Previous Church Locations

  1. South of Commerce Street (Downtown Dallas)
  2. Akard Street (Downtown Dallas)
  3. Gano Street (Downtown Dallas)
  4. Seeger Street (Downtown Dallas)
  5. Ervay Street (Downtown Dallas)
  6. Rickover Drive (NW Dallas)

Interesting Facts

  • Began as mission outpost of First Methodist Church in Dallas in 1888
  • Mrs. W. E. Schreiber donated 5.76 acres of the Schreiber family cotton farm to the Dallas Board of Church Extension as a memorial to her late husband
  • May 23, 1965 - Ground broken for new building
  • December 12, 1965 - first worship service held in the building
  • December 6, 2015 - church celebrated 50 years in NW Dallas community