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About Sunday Morning Classes

Welcome to GroupLife. We're glad to be on the journey with you.

It’s no secret that being a member of a Sunday Morning Class or Small Group is what makes Highland Park United Methodist Church the “Smallest Big Church” around. These smaller communities are what we call GroupLife; they encourage us to grow as disciples as we study, serve, and build community.

STUDY – A variety of faith related or life application topics are taught in a variety of ways.  Some classes are more lecture-based while other classes are discussion-based.  

SERVE – Jesus teaches us that it isn’t enough to seek knowledge but to go into the world and serve others. 

COMMUNITY – Dinner clubs, Sunday lunch, Christmas parties, game nights, mission trips are a few ways our classes build relationships outside of the Sunday morning hour. 

Nothing can bring greater joy, challenge or meaning to your life than to live abundantly as God intended. We believe GroupLife is a vital component to living that abundant life in Christ.

Our Sunday Morning Classes span every age and life-stage and meet at either 9:30 or 11:00 AM. 

Not sure which class to try? Stop by one of the Welcome Centers on Sunday Morning or contact Andi Fancher, Director of Engagement Ministries for guidance. Classes expect new visitors every week!