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Costa Rica: September 2019

Costa Rica: September 2019

Sep 22, 2019 – Sep 27, 2019

In 2006, HPUMC initiated a partnership with Ray and Lidia Zirkel, Methodist missionaries serving in Costa Rica. They witnessed first-hand the over-crowding of state facilities and realized the potential of an alternative model for orphan care. Instead of expansive, institutional structures with still too few beds, Ray and Lidia wanted to provide a place where the children would be nurtured in a Christian family environment. HPUMC has embraced the dream by providing significant financial support and sending multiple teams each year to serve alongside the Zirkels and their ministry team. While working on the buildings on campus, team members will have the opportunity to get to know the 20+ children living in the homes and learn about the mission from Ray, Lidia, and their staff.

Trip Leader: Rich Rogers

Open to: Adults

Cost: $850 + airfare (estimated $400-$800)

Type of work: Participants will be assisting in the construction of the all-purpose building on the Methodist Children’s Home campus and will play with the children at the Home a couple of afternoons.

Lodging: Dormitory-style lodging at the Methodist Wesley House in San Jose.

Risks: Zika Virus

Passport required: yes

Visa required: no

Vaccinations/Medications: Tetanus

*all travelers are required to be up-to-date on routine vaccinations

*Please check the CDC website for additional information regarding immunization recommendations for the country you are going to.

Financial Aid: Click here to read the guidelines and apply for a need-based scholarship.

For more information contact Stephanie Berry, , 214.523.2229.

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