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Encore is HPUMC’s ministry for older adults and its purpose is to help enrich the mind and spirit while in a supportive community. We get together in ongoing large and small numbers for fellowship, discipleship, and service. We also gather during the week for enriching activities that spark friendship and conversation. Join us as we care for each other and grow to become more deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ.



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Listening Devices Available
If it is challenging to understand the preacher in the Sanctuary or in Wesley Hall, we have listening devices available that may help with the audio experience. These devices help to amplify the voice so the listener can better hear the message while ignoring the other sources of sound. Check out a listening device from The Hub this Sunday. A staff member will be onsite ready to help you get started. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Lauri Warner at or 214.523.2246.

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Have questions? If you have any questions related to Encore or other areas of the church, don’t hesitate to contact us. Lauri Warner is happy to answer any of your questions!

Lauri Warner
Older Adult Ministry