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Welcome to Cornerstone

Cornerstone is the contemporary worship community of Highland Park United Methodist Church. Every Sunday, you can expect a powerful blend of Biblical teaching, modern praise and worship music, and a casual, friendly environment. We hope that you will come visit.

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5:00 pm (Watch Live Online)

9:30 & 11:00 am (Watch Live Online)

Current Series: Life Hacks

Life Hacks: Strategies or ideas adopted in order to solve everyday problems in an inspired, ingenious manner. More simply, uncommon solutions to common problems. Having trouble opening sealed plastic packaging, try using a can opener. Want to fix a scratched DVD, simply rub a banana peel on it. Life hacks are simple, creative, and very effective. But this concept of life hacks isn’t a new idea. In this new series, we will look at several times in the bible where Jesus gives us uncommon solutions to some of our most common problems.

Sermons in this Series