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Cornerstone is the contemporary worship community of Highland Park United Methodist Church. Every Sunday, you can expect a powerful blend of Biblical teaching, modern praise and worship music, and a casual, friendly environment. We hope that you will come visit.

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1/21 - Relationshifts: Searching for a Soulmate (Cornerstone)
Rev Paul Rasmussen
5:00 pm (Saturday) & 11:00 am (Sunday)

1/21 - Relationshifts: The Search for a "Soul"' Mate (CS)
Rev Matt Tuggle
9:30 am (Sunday)

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Saturday (learn more)
5:00 pm

9:30 & 11:00 am (Watch Live Online)

Current Series: Relationshifts

A look at how modern culture is affecting our connection, communication, and expectations.

Even though we would probably all agree that we all need relationships, we also all agree that relationships are exceedingly difficult. We need relationships but, truthfully, we’re pretty bad at them. Marriages fall apart, friends become frenemies become enemies. This difficulty has always been the reality, but our generation seems to be uniquely challenged due to the technological advances of the past 20 years that are continuously changing how we relate to one another.

Sermons in this Series