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Sunday Mornings


Join us in Room 386 each Sunday starting at 9:30 a.m. as we begin to explore one of the most important aspects of our confirmation class - building relationships - with God, with each other, with the adults who lead the class. The great commandment that Jesus gave us is to love - to love God and to love each other. In all we do during the year, we try to fulfill this commandment. We intentionally spend a lot of time and effort building trust, building relationships and building community.

Our Summer Class

Highland Park UMC promotes the first Sunday of June. As families travel and children attend camp and other various activities, there is no consistent attendance during the summer. As a result, we have three months where the new 6th graders in our program focus on team building and fellowship with classmates without the formal academic curriculum that traditionally begins in the fall. The overall goal of these activities is communication, cooperation and team building - what it means to be a faith community. Each week’s session stands alone. We have discovered that these activities are a wonderful addition to our confirmation program, and they help us in our goals for the confirmation year.

Weekly Sunday School Class (During Academic Calendar Year)

Our main class runs concurrent with the academic school year. This gives us approximately 41 weeks of instruction. At HPUMC, the class meets during the Sunday school hour and is our sixth grade Sunday school class. If we have visitors who are sixth graders, they attend the confirmation class as their Sunday school. If sixth grade youth join the church during the middle of the year, they become a part of the confirmation class. These class sessions are based on a mixture of large group and small group experiences.