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Confirmation Serving Information

Leader Covenant

I pledge, with God’s help, to surround each class member with an environment of love and support. I will take seriously and I will follow through on the specific task and duties of my role in the leadership team. I will model the faith I teach. I will encourage, challenge, and share the confirmation journey with those I work with. This is the covenant I make this day, so help me God.

Below are the available serving opportunities for Confirmation:

  • Small Group Leader - Primary responsibility to lead a specific small group of children each week. A key role in our program! - Time Commitment: 2 to 3 Sundays per month & Retreats & Special Services - Substitute “floaters” available for the weeks unavailable.
  • Small Group Floater - Provide assistance when needed to absent small group leaders.
  • Classroom Administration TeamProvide check-in twice a month for Sunday morning class. (Two Sundays a Month.)
  • Special Teams- Mission/Project/T-Shirts - Provide support on Mission projects, t-shirts, etc. (Time Commitment: Special events, retreats, etc.)
  • Technology Crew - Provide technical set-up assistance to Werm & Walt and lead teachers each Sunday. Time Commitment: 2-3 Sundays a month as needed throughout the year.
  • Digital Photography Team - Provide Sunday morning photographs both of the students and the class in action. Time Commitment: Early Fall for Class pictures & as needed.
  • Day Retreats Team - Fall and Spring - Assist confirmation staff with organization and set-up of all supplies and resources needed for both retreats. Time Commitment: Approximately 2-3 hours prior to the retreat for planning and prep with help on the day of both retreats.
  • Worship Service Team- Provide assistance to staff and help prepare for certain aspects of both Worship Services. Time commitment: availability to plan for both services & attend both services. 
  • Worship-Faith Visits- Provide assistance at the Faith Visits for the class to the congregations. Time Commitment: availability to attend one or more the faith visits along with the team leaders and small group leaders.

** Leaders and floaters must attend teaching training, both day retreats, and the worship services. **

For detailed information on the job descriptions click, Confirmation:The Big Picture.