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Child Protection Policies and Forms


The members and staff at Highland Park United Methodist Church believe that we are called by God to create a sanctuary for all the children and youth in the care of our ministry by protecting those who are powerless and empowering them through faith and trust.

Therefore, the members and staff of HPUMC are committed to the safety, welfare and protection of all children and youth participating in the activities and programs of this church. This policy addresses the preventable risk of any form of abuse or harassment, whether physical, mental, or sexual, by any of the staff, teachers, or volunteers of this church while on church property or while engaged in church activities or programs. It is also the policy of HPUMC to protect, to the extent practicable, the rights of its staff, job applicants, and unpaid volunteers from unfounded allegations of abuse. 

Any confidential information concerning staff, job applicants, and volunteers obtained pursuant to this policy shall be marked confidential, kept in a central location under the control of the Child Protection Policy (CPP) Administrator, and disclosed only to staff and lay officers of HPUMC having a "need to know" such information. 

All adults participating in activities and programs, regardless of location, that involve children and/or youth age 18 or younger, will be subject to a Background Check before being allowed to participate. 

Click the button below for a full explanation of our Child Protection Policy and to download a copy of our Background Check and Incident Report Documents.

Child Protection Policy


  • Read and keep the policy portion (pages 1-6) of the document
  • Print, complete and return the last 2 pages to Rev. Walt Marcum ( ) or Mallory Wightmann ( )
  • If you have had a background check within the last 24 months, you do not have to complete that part. If you are unsure, please complete the form and return it to Mallory Wightmann at