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The Meaning of Confirmation

The meaning of confirmation is closely related to that of baptism. Baptism and confirmation are both part of an ongoing, lifelong process of sanctification, whereby we are conformed into the image of Christ. The word "confirmation" literally means "to make firm." Confirmation is the first public occasion in which a person affirms his or her personal response to divine grace and proclaims faith in Christ. It is the first public expression of the individual's affirmation of baptismal covenant. 

In baptism, the Holy Spirit marks the person as God's own. In confirmation, the Holy Spirit strengthens (makes firm) the person in his or her discipleship. The confirmation prayer is: "receive the Holy Spirit."


The Mission of Confirmation 

To immerse our confirmation youth and parents in a holistic and comprehensive program that is designed to foster spiritual formation leading to an opportunity to respond to Jesus' call to be a disciple. 

And ultimately to support the mission of HPUMC...

To help people become deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ. 


Confirmation is about intentional commitment. 

During the confirmation process, the individual is asked to consciously embrace the Christian faith and vocation as one's own and to accept the responsibilities of Christian discipleship.