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The Columbarium at Highland Park is a serene place for contemplation and a special space for celebration, which features a beautiful courtyard, fountain, and granite walls that list the names of our dear departed members on the front of each niche where urns bearing their ashes are stored. As cremation has increasingly become a more popular option at the end of life, our congregation has responded by allowing the ashes of our deceased members to remain and be cared for at their church home in perpetuity.

About the Columbarium

Situated around the base of Cox Chapel and nestled among existing trees and landscape, the Columbarium contains companion niches.

To learn more about how you can reserve a space in the Columbarium at Highland Park United Methodist Church, call Lisa McLaughlin in the Business Office at 214-523-2144 or email

What is a columbarium? 

A columbarium is a place where urns of cremated human remains are stored (inurned) in niches, with each niche storing urns for two subscribers.

Where is HPUMC’s Columbarium located?  

The Columbarium at HPUMC is located on the west end of Cox Chapel, between the end of the Chapel and the playground. Each niche in The Columbarium holds two urns.

Who can use The Columbarium? 

Niches are available for current or past HPUMC members and members of their immediate families, including spouses, parents, and children.

Can I choose the niche location for myself and my family? 

Yes, you may choose from all available niches.

Who handles the cremation?

You should contact the funeral home or cremation service of your choice to arrange for the cremation and return of cremains to you. Either the cremation service or a family member will transfer the cremains to the urn (provided by HPUMC) prior to bringing them to the church for inurnment.

Can small memorial services be held in the columbarium area? 

An inurnment service is usually held when an urn is placed into its niche. It is a very brief service, lasting about 10 minutes and normally attended only by immediate family and the officiating pastor. Memorial services are held in our worship spaces to accommodate more guests. The inurnment service may be held immediately before the memorial service or on another day.

How do I arrange an inurnment service?

Contact the Congregational Care ministry at 214-523-2241 or to schedule a service.

What kind of identifying marker is on each niche? 

The granite niche cover plate is engraved with the person’s name and years of birth and death.

Can I visit anytime I want? May I bring flowers or other items? 

The Columbarium can be visited daily at any time between daylight and dusk. Because the Columbarium space is so compact, flowers and other remembrances are prohibited.

How much does a niche in the Columbarium cost?

The cost is $5,000 for an entire niche (inurnment of either one or two persons' cremated remains). These costs also include niche cover engraving, opening and closing for inurnment, and perpetual care. If you need only one space, some single spaces are available.

When is payment due?

The full amount must be paid at the time of purchase.

How do I reserve a niche? 

Contact Lisa McLauglin at 214-523-2144 or email to arrange a time to select and purchase your niche.

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