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Phil Dieke

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Phil Dieke grew up in the small town of Fair Grove, MO - population finally broke 1,000 in the year 2000 (it was a big deal). Dieke attended Missouri State University for his undergraduate degree, worked at a church in Springfield, MO for one year, then moved to Dallas to work at Highland Park UMC and recently received his Masters from SMU.

Phil loves being in ministry with college students and young adults, as he believes this demographic asks the tough questions, wants to positively impact this world, and is willing to do what it take to make a difference. He enjoys coffee and lunch meetings to talk through life's greatest (simplest) problems and celebrations. Dieke also loves sports, traveling, and pretty much anything that involves warm weather and water (i.e. the lake, ocean, river, etc.).  

Ironically, Phil really hates writing in third person, thus I will finish this in the first person.

I am married to Jessi and have a toddler named Nora who keeps our lives hectic and exciting. We, as a family, are always excited to meet new college students who are interested in connecting to the church... and who like to babysit... just sayin! We look forward to seeing you on campus or at HPUMC!

Sarah Beard

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Hey-ooh, my name is Sarah Beard and I would love to tell you just a little bit about myself. I was born in the small town of St. Louis, MO in 1980. I grew up with a fantastic mom and dad and a brother who is 3 years older than I am. We played in the woods, built forts, rode 4-wheelers and skateboarded...some years passed and I graduated from Missouri State University (7 years, 3 schools and about 5 switched majors later) with my BFA in Photography...So, obvi, I do college ministry. (I figure I have enough experience with it!) 

While in college I met my husband, Andrew, who is seriously the best person ever...and 3 years later we started dating and then got married. We have done a lot of ministry together; from music, to youth, to college. We were directors of a Student Ministry in Liberty, MO for 5 years before coming to Dallas. 

We moved to Dallas in April 2011. Since then we have had two baby boys, Foster and Keating (they are less than 15 months apart). Our lives our cray, active, and full of love and music. I LOVE the LORD, my family, and my friends, who are my family...and TV (but I feel bad admitting that - we are all friends here, right?)

If you want to know more about me...I would LOVE to tell you the whole story (cause you know there is more to it). Just shoot me an e-mail.  . Also, I would love to meet you!


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