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Host Families

The host family program is the cornerstone of the college ministry at HPUMC. We work prayerfully to match a student with the best host family for them (and vice versa) with a desire that a deep relationship will be formed for both the student and all members of the family.

TO THE STUDENT: We know that the number one reason students transfer out of SMU their freshman year is homesickness. We believe that with the host family program you will find a home away from home and also feel like you have an extended family through the church. Your host family has the potential to enrich your college experience in the most unbelievable ways. Plus you get some home cooked meals, someone to care for you if you are sick, and be a mentor as you are trying to figure everything out.

If you would like to sign up for a host family, fill out this form

"I can honestly say that the college host family program with HPUMC has been both the highlight and the saving grace of my junior year at SMU. My host family serves as a constant source of support, love, joy, and encouragement. I can always count on them to be my cheerleaders and my mid-week pick-me-up. They brought me into their family as one of their own without an ounce of hesitation and, for that, I will be forever grateful. My family shows me the kind of unconditional love that is so clearly a direct outgrowth of a lifestyle fully dependent upon Christ." - Katie Anne Head

TO THE FAMILY: As a church our mission is all about helping people become deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ. College students are in need of prayer, a good meal, a place to do laundry, unconditional love, direction, security, a listening ear, and people to help them connect and guide them as they are making some of the most important decisions of their lives. Imagine how rich a relationship you can have with a person you walk through this process with. If you love Jesus and like people, this is the perfect way for you to serve the next generation.

We ask four things of you:

  1. Have your student over for dinner once a month.
  2. Pray for your student every day.
  3. Check in with your student once a week...remember they are like your new kid for which you are not paying college tuition!
  4. Invite them to serve with you or join you for church often.

If you are interested in becoming a host family, fill out this form.

"Our experience as a college host family has been a blessing beyond measure. Kaitlyn joins us for dinner once a week. To be a loving and praying presence in her life has been a source of much joy!" Kate Cavanaugh

If you want more information on getting a family or becoming a host, contact Sarah Beard. .