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In an effort to unite classroom and community, Highland Park United Methodist Church is partnering with United to Learn (UTL), a non-profit committed to accelerating student achievement. Together, our goal is to give students and teachers at KB Polk Elementary, an economically disadvantaged school in Dallas, what they need to succeed — from dedicated tutors to financial support. 

There is an opportunity gap in our community, and we can help erase it. Through our presence and support, we can improve the quality of education, build relationships, provide essential supplies, and invest in the future of Dallas.


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$25 provides books and reading tools for two students

$100 provides school supplies (backpacks, pencils, paper, and more) for four students

$500 provides professional development for one teacher OR programming to improve school culture for one classroom of students

$1,000 provides Chromebooks, headphones, and school supplies for four students

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Student Stories

At a young age, Calvin’s biological parents gave up their rights and left him and his siblings, with a grandparent. Calvin struggles academically because of the severe trauma he faced as a child and he is at least two grade levels behind his peers. Despite that, Calvin is a strong competitor and talented athlete, who has shown tremendous growth during his time at Polk Elementary. A weekly reading buddy would provide him with the one-on-one support that’s really needed to help Calvin succeed.

Jordan is adjusting to his first years of elementary school while also trying to learn the English language. He lives with an older family member because his mother was no longer able to care for him and his siblings. His caregiver works many hours during late shifts to provide for the children. He desperately wants them to receive a good education. Jordan is making great strides because of his hard work. He loves school so much that he hopes to become a teacher himself.

Chloe’s life has changed drastically during the last year. She was removed from the custody of her parents and placed in foster care. Not long after, she began school for the first time. She loved it! Chloe has a great future ahead of her because of her can-do attitude.

Malcolm is being raised by his adult sister. His mother has chosen not to be in his life. That’s hard for Malcolm to understand, but he and his sister are adjusting to a new life. All of the change has impacted his academic performance. Malcolm’s big heart and desire to always help others are a positive light for his future.

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