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Congregational Care FAQs

Do you visit the hospitals?
We visit area hospitals seven days a week (as needed). Please call 214-523-2241 and let us know your name, the hospital you will going to, and the date of your admittance. Privacy laws prevent the hospital from letting us know that you are there, so please be sure to contact us directly to let us know about your hospital stay.

How do I get someone on the prayer list?
You may submit a prayer request online or via phone at 214.599.9485.

What do I need to do when my loved one dies?
To report a death, please call 214-523-2241. You may also contact one of the pastors in the Congregational Care department directly.

How do I schedule a baptism?
To schedule a baptism, please contact Mary Bishop at and fill out the baptism form which is online.

If I can't come to church anymore can I still receive communion?
To receive communion from one of our Congregational Care Ministers, please call 214-523-2243.

Do you offer grief counseling?
We offer several a grief support groups. 

Do you offer Recovery programs?
We offer a number of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) programs throughout the week. 

What other support groups do you have?
We have a number of support groups that you can view here.

May I meet with someone to make my funeral/memorial service plans ahead of time? Will you keep a copy of my wishes?
We welcome you to meet with a pastor to make your funeral/memorial plans in advance. In fact, we think it's a wonderful idea to consider your wishes for this very important service.

What is the Columbarium?  How do I purchase a niche?
The Columbarium is a sacred space on the grounds where your ashes may be interred. You can call the Congregational Care office at 214-523-2241 to make an appointment to speak to someone about purchasing a niche. 

How do I serve in your department?
You are most welcome to become a servant worker in our department by calling Trissie Osborn at 214-523-2245. We have a number of opportunities for service: being part of the Keeping in Touch team (KIT), delivering birthday flowers to seniors and/or gifts before Christmas and Easter, becoming a trained Stephen Minister or Congregational Care Minister.

How do I get an appointment to talk with a pastor?
Should you wish to speak to one of the Congregational Care pastors, you may phone the department at 214-523-2241 or contact one of the pastors in the department directly.