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Do you want to help us transform the continent of Africa by providing a world-class college education to deserving students?

Africa University is a United Methodist University offering a world-class education to 1400 students from 25 countries. These students are bright, capable and long to make their countries a better place! Giving students a strong foundation will enable them to be self-sufficient and care for their families! The United Methodist Church is growing in Africa! Africa University graduates will provide leadership for the church as well as business and government in developing countries.

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The mission of Africa University is to provide quality education with a Pan-African context through which persons can acquire general and professional knowledge and skills, grow in spiritual maturity, develop sound moral values, ethics, and leadership qualities.


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There are no trips to Africa available right now, but please check back soon, as we update regularly.

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A one-year scholarship to Africa University is $6,000 per year. A gift of any size will help HPUMC send a student from one of our partner organizations to Africa University. Join us to break the cycle of poverty for a student in a developing country.

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A Global Partnership: Supporting education in Africa

HPUMC has supported student scholarships since 2007 through our Global Outreach funding. Read more >>

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HPUMC, through generous donations of members, has grown our HELP and HOPE in Africa to support six different organizations across the continent. Our hope is to continue to go deeper with these organizations to make a lasting impact on the lives of those they help.

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For more information contact Lisa Stewart, 214.523.2232.