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HPUMC, through generous donations of members, has grown our HELP and HOPE in Africa to support six different organizations across the continent.

Our hope is to continue to go deeper with these organizations to make a lasting impact on the lives of those they help.

Africa University

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  • The mission of Africa University is to provide quality education within a Pan-African context through which persons can acquire general and professional knowledge and skills, grow in spiritual maturity, develop sound moral values, ethics and leadership qualities.
  • Located in Mutare, Zimbabwe, there are currently 6,200 graduates in 31 different countries that are improving the future of Africans.
  • HPUMC scholarships 4 students each year to attend AU.
  • HPUMC has hosted the Africa University Choir in worship venues on two different occasions.

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A Global Partnership: Supporting education in Africa

The university has grown steadily with broad support from the United Methodist Church. Currently, over 1,400 students from 26 different countries are enrolled in Africa University, and the school boasts 6,000 graduates from 31 countries throughout the continent.

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Akola Project

  • Akola Project, located in Uganda and Dallas, empowers women in poverty to transform the physical and spiritual livelihoods of their families and communities through economic development.
  • HPUMC Community Loan program assists in providing microfinance loans to the women enrolled in the Akola Project.
  • Akola Project is reaching beyond Africa into Dallas by employing women coming out of the sex trafficking industry and those just being released from prison to produce and package jewelry orders in their Dallas warehouse. These women are earning an income for their families while growing in self worth and dignity.
  • Akola is currently working with 409 women in Uganda and 45 women in Dallas. 

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Arise Africa

  • Arise Africa, located in Lusaka, Zambia, is committed to children by assisting them with their spiritual, economic, and physical poverty to enable them to become responsible, independent, and self-sustaining individuals, and sharing with them the truth and love of Jesus Christ.
  • Students from Arise Africa will be attending Africa University on scholarships from HPUMC.
  • Arise currently cares for 11 children full-time in the Arise home and feeds 4,000 children daily while working with two community schools in Lusaka. 

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The Health Ministry of The United Methodist Church in Cameroon

  • The Health Ministry of The United Methodist Church in Cameroon exists to
    • promote malaria and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention by education and information
    • enable behavior modification
    • encourage voluntary HIV/AIDS testing and counseling
    • help financially with the treatment of persons living with AIDS

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Kamina Methodist University

  • Kamina Methodist University provides affordable, world-class education located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 
  • 10% of all United Methodist in the world live in the Congo. 
  • E-readers complete with theological libraries, alternative translations, public health resources, and other necessary books will be provided to faculty, students, and graduating theologians at Kamina.  

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Orphans' Heroes

  • Orphans' Heroes, located in Accra, Ghana, helps children rise above adversity by providing education, housing, and physical and emotional support for children who have been orphaned, abused, and sold into slavery.
  • Orphans' Heroes is also committed to drilling wells to bring clean water to villages, implementing community health programs, and providing educational sponsorship in an effort to address the underlying causes that contribute to these hardships.
  • Currently, Orphans' Heroes gives a home to 7 young adults full time and 9 children who stay in the home during school breaks and holidays. 
  • Two safe homes have been established for children rescued from abuse and slavery.

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