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What It Took For Me To Join A Small Group

03.12.14 | GroupLife, Small Groups

What It Took For Me To Join A Small Group

    Are you a cave dweller like me? When life is coming at you full force, do you like to retreat instead of allowing others to be with you?

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    As part of my faith journey, participating in a small group was a goal I had set for my spiritual growth.  But to be perfectly honest, it was quite unsettling to think of being in a setting where I would have to be vulnerable and would possibly have to pray out loud.  However, the opportunity to join a small group came up after I attended STORY, the HPUMC women’s retreat last September. The group of eight women seemed safe, so I chose to take the chance, trusting that God would protect me on my quest to draw closer to Him and experience His grace.

    Now fast forward several months later and I cannot imagine life without these ladies. I am known for spending way too much time at work, but I will find a way to show up to my Thursday night small group, pray for the needs of the group, and prepare for discussion.  We are experiencing miraculous answers to prayers in all areas of our lives. I am learning what it means to truly live in God’s community without judgment.

    As I am willing to be vulnerable, I am finding that my struggles are very similar to others. And the Bible is so much easier to understand when studying it together.  My small group is a safe community to experience God’s amazing love through giving and receiving and a great place to learn to become a deeply devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

    It’s safe. Come out of your cave and give it a try.

    By Susan Capps, a member of a women’s small group

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