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Top 10 stories from 2017

12.18.17 | 2017 Year in Review | by Alex Johnston

Top 10 stories from 2017

    Stories are powerful, and each of us is writing our own story every day. At HPUMC, we value sharing stories that highlight the amazing ways God is working through the people of HPUMC.

    Stories have been passed down through thousands of generations. They have the power to bring us together, to inspire us and help us to experience the world around us.

    Stories are powerful, and each of us is writing our own story every day. At HPUMC, we value sharing stories that highlight the amazing ways God is working through the people of HPUMC.

    Here are the ten most viewed stories of 2017.

    10. Beyond Our Walls: Clayton and Ellen Kershaw

    With God, we have the extraordinary ability to heal and help, to boldly change millions of lives in meaningful ways. Ellen and Clayton Kershaw share why they’re partnering with HPUMC to do just that.

    9. Peyton’s Story: Winning the fight against depression and darkness

    For many, depression is a silent battle. The people who suffer with worthlessness, depression and suicidal thoughts often suffer alone. Some win, some don’t. But what if simply asking for help could be the catalyst for their journey to recovery? Peyton's story is a gripping one. She shares how she finally broke out of the cycle of depression and found hope.

    8. The McGuires: Trading reactivity for proactivity

    When their first child was born, the McGuires faced a decision. At the time Mike was working long hours, while Natalie spent her time volunteering with different charities and events in Dallas. But as their family grew, both Mike and Natalie knew it was time for a change. 

    7. Chance’s Pie Palace: a sweet legacy with HPUMC’s Special Needs Ministry

    Chance was born with a brain malformation that left him bound to a wheelchair. Despite his physical challenges, Chance's pure joy for life and love of others left a legacy that will be felt at HPUMC for generations to come.

    6. Mike and Jessica Barnett: Finding Joy in the Midst of Suffering

    Is it possible to experience joy in the midst of suffering? For Mike Barnett, the answer to that question would be an emphatic, “yes!” In fact, Mike would tell you that the challenges he’s faced are among some of the greatest things that ever happened to him. But that’s not how his story started.

    5. Does everything really happen for a reason? Rev. Dawn Anderson

    Why do bad things happen to good people? Does every event happen for a reason? What should we think as Christians when life seems to go wrong? Rev. Dawn Anderson explores answers to these challenging questions facing each one of us.

    4. Lane Kramer: Doing business in the University of Cancer

    Before he heard the word, “cancer,” Lane was on top of the mountain. He had a successful career, thriving ministry, loving family, and an excess of friends. But in the matter of a few moments, he found himself falling 21,000 feet down, to the bottom of the valley.

    3. It’s Okay to Laugh. Kassidy Birdsong

    “When you’re in the middle of a losing streak, you expect it to last forever. When God sends such a lavish blessing in the midst of those difficult circumstances, it’s so ludicrously good and unexpected that laughter is a natural response.”

    Kassidy's story is painful, surprising, and hopeful. And what it taught her about God is a lesson we could all use from time to time.

    2. Dawn Anderson: God Never Wastes Pain

    Rev. Dawn Anderson, an Associate Minister for HPUMC’s Congregational Care Department, knows this truth firsthand. Dawn has walked through a combination of storms few others have experienced. Not only did those storms transform her relationship with God, they also left her uniquely qualified to help others.

    1. The Claycombes: Our journey to building a family through adoption

    From the time she was a little girl, Susan Claycombe wanted to be a mom.  But for Susan, and her husband Robert, the journey was not a traditional one. Watch their powerful story!  

    We are all writing a story!

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