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Three ways we need you to pray for HPUMC’s outreach campers

05.26.16 | Outreach, Prayer | by Lori Glanzer

Three ways we need you to pray for HPUMC’s outreach campers

    Every year, HPUMC helps make time away at camp a reality for hundreds of inner city kids and youth.

    Sunday, June 5th each person that walks through the doors of the church is encouraged to grab a bracelet with the word "Pray" on it and a tag attached to it. That tag holds the name of a specific camper. Please join us in prayer for these kiddos as they experience God's love through this unique experience.

    Did you ever go to summer camp as a kid? If so you probably remember the joys of meeting new friends, spending time in the great outdoors, and getting away from the stress of life to just have fun for a little while. Sadly, there are countless kids in Dallas that won't get that same opportunity.

    The congregation of Highland Park United Methodist Church wants to change that.  

    Every year, HPUMC helps make time away at camp a reality for hundreds of inner city kids and youth. For many of them, it's their first time outside of the Dallas city limits. For these kids, it's a chance to come face to face with 150-year old live oak trees beneath the wide open Texas sky. They're introduced to water sports, fishing, archery, ropes courses, dance, target shooting, arts & crafts, and countless other fun activities. They get to play, laugh, sing, and explore their growing relationship with God.

    "We have very few things in our life that me and my kids can depend on and this ministry is one of them,” says Joyce Swint, a ministry parent. “The experiences they have had, through this ministry, are something I could never have given them myself. I thank God for the love this church has given us. It has changed the lives of my kids.”

    This year, as HPUMC gets ready to send another group of campers to Stoney Creek Ranch, we're asking the community to do one thing for these kids. Pray.

    Specifically, there are three ways you can be in prayer for these children and youth:

    1. Pray for new friendships. Camp friends are the best friends. New camp friends teach children to accept people just as they are. Camp is a place where these kids really open up and express themselves freely, allowing everyone to connect and be accepted for who they are. Campers are able to grow existing friendships and make new ones. We believe this cultivation of new friendships helps teach these kids acceptance and love.

    2. Pray for safety. Our inner city neighborhoods are not safe when the sun goes down.  There have been many times while I am at their houses after dark and they begin to fear for their safety. I've heard gunshots more than once. I've seen kids who grow up with insecurities and fear because of where they live. But at camp, gunshots are replaced with chants and cheers, laughter and a chorus of crickets at night. The campgrounds give these kids a refuge, and when they arrive, you can literally hear the sighs of relief.

    3. Pray for a renewed relationship with God. For some of our campers, Stoney Creek Ranch is the only place where they will learn about how much God loves them. From the moment they step foot at camp, they are surrounded by people who live out a life of faith. The love and encouragement these kids experience gets their attention, helping them understand how God created this beautiful place just for them to enjoy.

    We hope you will join us in prayer for the 675 kids heading to camp this summer. I truly believe that Stoney Creek Ranch is a place these children can experience transformation that could have ripple effects for generations.

    We've created special bracelets to remind you to be in prayer for the fellowship, safety, and faith of each of our campers. Each one comes with the name of a specific camper for you to be in prayer for. If you would like to have one of these bracelets sent to you, please email .

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