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Three reasons #Adulting may be for you

05.08.18 | Inspirational | by Sarah Beard

Three reasons  #Adulting may be for you

    Have you ever gone several months without changing your sheets (because it never occurred to you that you needed to)? Is your expertise in the kitchen… limited (or non-existent)? Do you want to learn how to manage your real-life money in real time? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, this story (and this class) is for you!

    I remember the first time my mom asked me if I had washed my sheets. My brain spun!

    “Wait, what? Oh my gosh... wash my sheets. They are probably dirty. I should have probably done that this semester.”


    It’s so hard. How are you supposed to know what to do when everything is new and you have never had to do it alone before? The world is constantly telling us how to be an adult. Shouldn’t the church offer a voice too?

    When I transitioned from college to adulthood, I realized I had gotten myself into some financial trouble. Can we stop the credit card companies from handing out free stuff to college kids for signing up for a darn card!? Anyway, the church offered some ways for me to get my financial bearings and because of that help, I am a better adult.

    It turns out people at my church knew things, and when I asked, they were so excited to help me. I just needed to ask, but I didn’t, because that would mean admitting that “my friend” didn’t know how to unclog her kitchen sink after putting potato peelings in it...

    We have decided to remove the awkward ask from your hands and just invite you to the table to learn from people who might have a few things about adulting figured least enough to function!

    As the College Ministry Coordinator at HPUMC, I work with college students every day. I see that the struggle has gotten more real. Not only have some of you never made mac and cheese, but you are an expert at ordering food through Favor. You don't see a need to cook, and even if you wanted to, where do you start? We would love to give you some reasons why it’s good to know what is in the things you eat and what you may need in your kitchen to actually prepare that meal. We will even go one step further to talk about what it looks like when you cook together and meet people at your table instead of the “best new restaurant in Dallas”.

    No matter your misconceptions, the church is a place that will help you find others who are also learning to #adult. It’s a place where you can learn together, grow together, and simply figure out how to adult better together.

    This summer at HPUMC, we’re offering a chance for you to come and figure out what it means to #Adult. If you are wondering if it is for you, here are three reasons Adulting may be for you: 

    1. Managing money. Could someone have taken a hot minute to walk with me through the allocation of my actual money? Not just the idea of money that I would possibly one day earn. In this class, we will spend some time looking at how to make the most of your money. We will work through a short section on money management and budgeting.
    2. Self-Care. For some of us “self-care” is easy, but I’m not talking about massages, mani-pedi’s, dinners out, chocolate, and wine. I am talking about the head and the heart. A lot plays into this. I would have loved for someone to talk to me about my mental, relational, and spiritual health and how to create a post-college community. It’s hard to friend date; everyone thinks so. Maybe if you show up, you will meet some people just like you!
    3. Practical Wisdom. Let’s talk about practicality. We want easy. You know what would have been easy? Getting a list of tips to keep your house clean and laundry kept up during the week without having to spend an entire morning on it... because, brunch. I want to eat brunch, not clean my apartment on Saturday. (Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.)

    Our hope is that this class takes the pressure off and helps you thrive into adulthood. We want to help you feel less ignorant about things like how to cook (so you can stop “favor”-ing two meals a day… which I know you totally do). Let's face it. You can’t afford to not do this.

    See you at #Adulting.

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    For those getting ready to enter the "real world" or just interested in learning more about those things that help us be adults, join us for a 5-week class on Adulting. Through discussion and the sharing of resources, we will focus on things such as finances, mental/physical health and wellness, work-life balance, relationships, and finding your purpose.

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