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Three must-ask questions for Thanksgiving

11.16.20 | by Rev. Andrew Forrest

Three must-ask questions for Thanksgiving

    Everyone answers the first, then we all go around and answer the second, and then everyone answers the third.

    Every year before Thanksgiving we have lunch at Luby’s (thank you, Jesus, for Luby’s!). We sit at a big, long table and go around and answer three questions. Everyone answers the first, then we all go around and answer the second, and then everyone answers the third.

    Here are the three questions:

    Question 1:

    Where have you seen God at work this past year? Or what’s one thing that you’re grateful for?

    Question 2:

    What is an unexpected blessing you’ve received in the past year? In other words, what is something that happened to you that wasn’t what you wanted, but has resulted in a surprising and unexpected blessing you couldn’t foresee at the time?

    Question 3:

    What do you want to be thankful for next year, sitting at this table? In other words, what are you praying for?

    My favorite of the three questions is the second — it’s really moving to hear people talk about a difficulty they endured that has produced something good in their lives. Just thinking about that question helps reframe your past year and give it a redemptive perspective.

    What about you? Which question is the easiest to answer? The most difficult?

    I strongly encourage you to ask these questions this year. I’m telling you, they will change the tenor of the conversation around your Thanksgiving table.

    “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28


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