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The Ten Most Viewed Sermons of 2018

12.10.18 | 2018 Year In Review

The Ten Most Viewed Sermons of 2018

    That’s why we’re taking a look back at the most watched messages of 2018! Whether it’s a message about relationships or a deep dive into a Biblical story, we hope you’ll grab your journal, a cup of coffee and pick a sermon that speaks to you!  

    Our mission at HPUMC is to help you grow in your faith by becoming a more deeply devoted follower of Jesus Christ. We believe that one of the biggest ways to do that is through attending worship.

    That’s why we’re taking a look back at the most watched messages of 2018! Whether it’s a message about relationships or a deep dive into a Biblical story, we hope you’ll grab your journal, a cup of coffee and pick a sermon that speaks to you!  

    1. Relationshifts: All By Myself

    Expectations. We all have them. Some about ourselves. Some about others. Expectations give us something to look forward to. But, if we're not careful, they can also shift the paradigm of what healthy relationships are all about - particularly in marriage. If you have ever been frustrated that your significant other isn't meeting your expectations, you'll want to hear this message from Rev. Paul Rasmussen!

    1. Relationshifts: Searching for a Soulmate

    Why are so many unmarried people afraid they are going to settle and so many married people afraid that they did? In this message, Rev. Paul Rasmussen looks at the cultural shift in romance, the lies that leave us unsatisfied and what we can do to fix it. What can your spouse do? How can you have a great marriage? And what role does God play in it? Watch this message to find out!  

    1. Messy: My Relationships Are Messy

    Our lives are messy. We know that. But what about the people around us? What do we do when other people bring their mess into our orbit? How do we deal with the difficult people who seem to make our lives, well, messier? That's exactly what Rev. Rasmussen talked about in this message from the series, Messy!

    1. Greatest Story Never Told: Overview of the Bible

    Even though the Bible is a collection of 66 books, together they all tell one unified story. In this message, Rev. Matt Tuggle gives you a quick lesson on the overarching story of the Bible and how it all points to Jesus.

    1. Relationshifts: New Day, Old Way

    In our culture of instant gratification and increasing distance from those we call “friends,” it’s easier than ever to disengage. Get in a fight? Disengage. Move away? Disengage. Get bored? Disengage. But that’s not what God does in a relationship with us. In fact, just when it would be easiest (and most justified) for God to step out, God steps further in. What about for you? Are there people in your life who just need your presence? Check out this message from Rev. Paul Rasmussen for more from this series on Relationshifts.

    1. Insomnia: Tomorrow

    What keeps you up at night? Rev. Paul Rasmussen kicked off our Insomnia series with this message that looks at why we have sleepless nights and how to get back to rest. Paul suggests we’re up for one of two reasons: You’re thinking about yesterday. Or you’re thinking about tomorrow. And with either one – we’re scared.

    1. Vision Impaired: Tension 

    The quest to know God. We're all on one. And we all look for God in different ways. Some of you see God more clearly in worship. Some may see God more clearly by reading scripture. Maybe you see God better when you serve. Or, maybe the way you see God is nothing more than a total blur. You've tried church, scripture, and service, and God still seems more remote than active and accessible. If your quest to know God ever feels incomplete, then this message from Rev. Rasmussen is a great place to start!

    1. Insomnia: While You're Awake

    Have you ever seen the clock at 3:00 am? Ever stared at the ceiling, counting sheep, reciting a mantra, or making mental lists in hopes of going back to sleep? What keeps you up at night? In this message, Rev. Matt Tuggle helped kick off our series, Insomnia, about how to put your troubles to rest so you can sleep well.  

    1. Elijah: A Man of God 

    If you like stories about supernatural battles waged through ordinary men, then you’ll love this message from Rev. Rasmussen! This sermon kicked off our series on Elijah: Force of Nature, which comes straight from the narrative found in 1 Kings 17-19. Although the story seems too wild to be true, you’ll be surprised at how you start to see our reality reflected in Elijah’s. 

    1. Relationshifts: Search For A Soul Mate

    Over the last few decades, we have come to expect so much out of our spouses. When they inevitably fall short of these unreasonable expectations, the marriage begins to crumble. The truth is that there is only one thing that only a spouse can truly provide, but there are a myriad of things a spouse cannot do. Rev. Matt Tuggle explains more in this widely watched message from Cornerstone.

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