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The McGuires' Story: Trading reactivity for proactive living

11.07.17 | Inspirational

The McGuires' Story: Trading reactivity for proactive living

    How do you trade a reactive life for a proactive one? See how one family managed to do just that.

    When their first child was born, the McGuires faced a decision. At the time Mike was working long hours, while Natalie spent her time volunteering with different charities and events in Dallas. But as their family grew, both Mike and Natalie knew it was time for a change. 

    So they decided to trade in their old lifestyle for a new one that focused on family, faith, and doing life together. Watch their story for more on how they made the switch and how it changed their outlook on life. 

    Like the McGuires, what if you could trade reactive living for a proactive living? 

    Reactive decisions are made on an emotional response to circumstances. They’re outside of decisions, usually made backward. Proactive decisions are made on values and convictions. They are choices you’ve made up front about how to live; inside out decisions. 

    Watch this message from Rev. Paul Rasmussen for more on how you can trade up reactivity for proactivity!

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