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Thank you to my LifeGroup leader

06.14.16 | Serve, Youth | by Sawyer Lake

Thank you to my LifeGroup leader

    Serving as a LifeGroup leader can have a profound impact on young adults, like me. It’s also a chance for you to grow in your own faith.

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    I honestly cannot remember the first time I met Richard Byrd. I don’t remember whether it was an awkward first exchange of words, or a fantastic one. Regardless of how we first met, the significance of his consistency in my life over the last four years is why I’m sharing my thoughts with you.

    You see, you have an opportunity, whether you realize it or not, to change the life of a student like me.

    High school is where most kids are trying to figure themselves out. Spheres of influence change drastically. Friend groups can shift from day to day. Clouded judgment makes it hard for kids to figure out what types of things and people should influence their life. That’s why many struggle to commit to a youth program.

    While most students, like me, recognize the need for Christian influence in their life, there are things that get in the way. Some struggle with drugs, alcohol. For others, they can’t seem to find the time after homework, practice, and other activities.

    This is why I appreciate the Christian leaders in my life, like Richard.

    Richard is more than just my life group leader. He is friendly, confident in his faith, and a role model. Richard actually cares about me as a person. He was there every week at WOW (Worship on Wednesday) and on Sunday mornings at High School Bible Study. Even when my attendance waivered under deep piles of homework, his commitment to us never changed.

    He reflected Jesus’ love for us through his dedication. There was never a time when I questioned Richard’s authenticity or intentions in the times our LifeGroup met to debrief about the week or talk about our personal Christian values.

    It’s not like Richard stayed for a ridiculous number of hours or showed up early before every event; it’s just that he was always there. His consistency affirmed my trust in him.

    Whatever I had going on during the week, I knew Richard would be there to help me process it all.

    This is where you come in.

    Serving as a LifeGroup leader can have a profound impact on young adults, like me. It’s also a chance for you to grow in your own faith. I like to think my LifeGroup has helped challenge Richard’s beliefs, and given him a greater understanding of the generation below him.

    The time commitments aren’t crazy. It’s just a couple hours a week. But these relationships are so fundamental to our faith. They are even more vital for high school students who are trying to establish their identity.

    Who knows, your involvement as a LifeGroup leader could encourage a student to meaningfully and deeply pursue their faith.

    What more of an impact could you ask for?

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