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    “they found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they went in, they did not find the body.”

    Do you actually believe that Jesus was resurrected?

    What does his resurrection mean for you?

    On Easter Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe that after being crucified and buried, Jesus Christ bodily rose from the dead and appeared to many people before ascending into Heaven.

    Before his betrayal, Jesus warned his disciples many times that he would be arrested, beaten, mocked, and finally killed, but that after three days, he would rise. But when they witnessed his death on the cross, even his disciples gave up and believed Jesus had been defeated. Yet, three days later, they witnessed the miracle of his resurrection. As opposed to simply coming back to life and continuing where he left off, in the resurrection, Jesus was actually raised to new life and new reality in God. For the first followers, this revealed the truth about his claim that Jesus brings life, light, and salvation to the world. Additionally for us, because Christ was sent into the world, defeated death, and was risen to new life, we know that God loves us no matter what we are facing and that God’s power and love are not limited by anything, even death. We also know that we can experience and participate in the new reality, the kingdom of God, now. This is the good news that should give us hope every day of our lives.

    Early Christians celebrated the resurrection on the first day of every week (the “day of the Lord”), and in that sense, every Sunday can be celebrated as Easter Sunday. As the Christian liturgical calendar developed, the resurrection was specifically celebrated one Sunday a year. Without a doubt, Christ’s resurrection is one of the most important parts of the Christian story and is the cornerstone of our faith in a God who became human, died for all, and defeated death so that we could know and be with God always. It is something we can indeed celebrate all year long.


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