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Membership Vows Series - Prayer

06.03.14 | Stories, Membership Vows

Membership Vows Series - Prayer

    “Pray without ceasing...”

    How do you pray?

    What is one way you can pray for the church?

    As a member of HPUMC, we promise the church our: prayer, presence, gifts, service and witness. 

    Prayer is the essential expression of the relationship between God and humanity. We often think prayer is conversation with God – which it is. But prayer is more than that – prayer is being present to the constant presence of God in our lives. Prayer may be silent or aloud, private or public, individual or corporate. There are different types of prayer, such as petition, confession, thanksgiving, and adoration. Jesus talked about and modeled prayer during his time on earth. He instructed his followers on how to pray, and encouraged them to make prayer a connection between them and God, not a show for others. Jesus sometimes withdrew alone to deserted places to pray privately. Even in the long and final hours leading up to his death and while hanging on the cross, Jesus remained prayerful.

    John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, viewed prayer as a means of grace. He urged people to be frequent, diligent, and disciplined in all types of prayer. Recognizing the power of prayer, Wesley required Methodists to attend meetings to encourage one another spiritually through prayer. As United Methodists, we view prayer as a crucial and transformative means through which we may deepen our relationship with God and become more authentic disciples of Jesus Christ. Prayer also helps the church grow spiritually and strengthens the church’s mission to the world so that the Kingdom of God can truly be “on earth as it is in heaven.” Prayer may very well be the most powerful tool God has given us. It is a way to be connected to the God of our salvation, no matter what we face in our daily lives. When we open our hearts to God and converse with God regularly, our lives change, and we have the ability to change the world.


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