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Meet With This Ring

06.22.16 | GroupLife, Sunday Morning Classes

Meet With This Ring

    This starter class is designed for engaged couples and newlyweds who want to invest time into building strong Christian unions. Discussion and practical application of issues will be encouraged by facilitators with years of marital experience. Communication, expectations, conflict resolution, crisis management, trust, intimacy, and finances are a few of the topics covered in the series. Various socials and mission projects will add to the class experience. Couples are welcome to attend at any time during the class series.

    What makes class special?

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    With This Ring
    Engaged and newlywed couples,
    ages 20s-30s
    Sundays, 10:45 am in room 244
    September 9, 2018 – May 19, 2019

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    GroupLife Coordinator

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    We like being able to be surrounded by other couples who are going through the same steps that we are to make sure they are strengthening our marriage. It is also nice to hear that people may be going through the same adjustments and excitements that you are going through with your new spouse.

    How have you grown in your relationship with God through your class?
    Going to this class has been one of our first steps together as growing our faith together as a family. The class has given us great pointers on how to walk with God together. Paula and Luke, the class mentors, are two great leaders that have great ideas and provide an example as to how they have made God the center of their marriage

    Describe a rewarding class outreach project.
    We gave Children's Bibles to young mother's to help them grow their faith in addition to their children's faith for Christmas. We also provided a young mother Christmas gifts that would help her prepare for her pregnancy and for when her baby is born. We are looking forward to helping build a house for Habitat for Humanity in the spring.

    Describe a typical class session.
    Typically the wonderful leaders of the group, Paula and Luke, will explain what the day's topic will be and will read related scripture. We will all then give brief testimony on the topic and listen to others do the same. For instance, one day we all went around and talked about 'what surprised us most about marriage.' It was great because a lot of people had the same 'surprises' and it brought up good conversation for you and your spouse to talk about.

    What adjectives describe your class.
    supportive, funny, laid back, honest, enjoyable, transparent

    Why did you join the class and why are you still active in the class?
    To be completely transparent, both our parents are divorced and we are aware of the statistics that comes with that. We wanted/ want to do everything we can to make our marriage grow and we felt that in order to do that we needed to be involved in a church. We also attended the 'From this Day Forward Class' and loved it so we decided to attend this class. We enjoy how laid back the class is and provides us an opportunity to be honest with the changes that may come with marriage. It is a very fun class and it so nice to be around people who are dedicated to making their marriages strong as well.

    By Megan Davidson

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