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Meet Wesleyan Fellowship

03.25.14 | GroupLife, Sunday Morning Classes

Meet Wesleyan Fellowship

    This class is dedicated to the spiritual growth and enlightenment of each member through the study of God's Holy Word and its application to daily life, and the strengthening of each member's faith through Christian fellowship, love, care, concern and outreach. Wesleyan Fellowship responds to Christ's love by caring for those associated with the Outreach Camp Scholarship Fund, Meals on Wheels, Carpenters for Christ, Wesley-Rankin, and Costa Rica Methodist Children’s Home.

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    Wesleyan Fellowship
    Couples & Singles, ages 65+
    Room 210

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    What makes your class special to you?
    In a large church it is important to belong to a smaller group in order to actually know the members. Our class is very supportive of each other in times of illness and grief. I experienced this support firsthand when my husband died earlier this year. Our class is like a small church within a large church. I look forward to coming to class each Sunday.

    How have you grown in your faith/relationship with God through your class?
    The variety of speakers have helped me build a knowledge about a variety of religious and spiritual topics.

    Describe a rewarding class outreach project.
    The class has supported a number of HPUMC outreach interests. Among the best, in my opinion, is the summer camping program which sends inner-city kids to camp to experience nature and God’s word. We know that there are children in our area who, without us, would never experience a summer camp outing. We have also supported the Haiti Eye Clinic, both before and after the tragic earthquake. We feel good about the fact that we have indirectly helped people gain or restore their eyesight.

    Describe a typical class session.
    Everyone is welcomed at the door by our greeter team. Class begins around 9:40 am after we’ve had a few minutes to socialize and catch up. The class president opens with prayer. Announcements are made and visitors are recognized. The Sunshine Report is given followed by singing and asking for prayer requests. The guest speaker is introduced. His message is concluded with the class singing “Bless Be The Ties That Binds”.

    In 10 adjectives or less describe your class.
    Caring, fun, generous, enthusiastic, friendly, welcoming, intellectual, generous, thoughtful, and active throughout the church.

    What does your class do as a group for fun?
    Our class has fun being together every Sunday and at twice yearly class socials. 

    Why did you join the class and why are you still active in the class?
    My wife and I felt that the group was appropriate in our needs, in age, interests, attitudes and lifestyle. We stay because the members care about each other and the programs are stimulating and interesting.

    Answers compiled from the following class members; Betty Jacobs, Norma Nix, Al Dietrich Betty Scoggin, Nancy Gilmore, Tom McClellan, and John Croft.

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