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08.24.15 | Sunday Morning Classes

Meet Uplift

    This community of single professionals seeks to grow in their relationship with Christ and others through discussions on the application of their faith to contemporary life issues. Uplife engages in regular social activities and community service projects.

    What makes your class special to you?

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    Singles, 30s-40s
    9:30 am
    Room 254

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    GroupLife Coordinator

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    The people. Lessons, service, and events are so much more engaging when you have a group of people who are positive, open-minded, supportive, and fun. Sleeping in on Sunday morning may be tempting, but when you look forward seeing your friends and catching up on the last week, it makes it much more exciting to come to class.

    How have you grown in your faith/relationship with God through your class?
    We focus on ways to incorporate and apply our faith into all facets of our lives. I feel like bringing that mentality beyond the church walls and into our day to day activities positions us to truly seek first the kingdom of God.

    Describe a typical class session.
    Class sessions are open discussions led by a member of the class or the occasional guest speaker. Discussions are typically centered around a book of the Bible, a contemporary book on theology and/or Christian living, or a topical discussion on an issue related to the Christian faith.

    10 Adjectives to describe Class
    Friendly. Authentic. Inquisitive. Faithful. Supportive. Relevant. Missional. Fun-loving.

    What does your class do as a group for fun?
    We have frequent social activities including Sunday brunches, dinners, parties, attending sporting events, visiting museums, etc.

    Why did I join the class and why am I still active.
    I was looking for a community. In a big church like HPUMC, it can be hard to find a place where you can get to know people and connect, but that is what I’ve found in Uplift. Our class is connected beyond just Sundays and truly has become a community both inside and outside HPUMC.

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