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Meet Two by Two

03.10.14 | GroupLife, Sunday Morning Classes

Meet Two by Two

    Two by Two aims to encourage and develop a better understanding of biblical teachings and how to apply them to everyday living. This class generously supports more than 14 local agencies and ministries, including Dickinson Place, Outreach Camp Scholarship Fund and Wilkinson Center.

    What makes your class special to you? The people, of course! The first time I visited 2 X 2, the people I met made me feel as if I were important to them, that they cared. I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of that special circle of friendship.

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    Two by Two
    Couples & Singles
    ages 80+
    Room 120

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    How have you grown in your faith/relationship with God through your class? 2 X 2 Sunday School Class has been especially fortunate to have had a plethora of outstanding speakers through the years! They have been Bishops, Deans, and Professors from Perkins Theological Seminary and SMU. They have been spiritual lay people who specialize in teaching the Bible and its lessons and standards for living a life in His Steps. It would be difficult to NOT grow from their words. But, I have perhaps grown more in my faith and relationship with God by becoming friends and living each week with these class members who are also members of the “Great Generation”! They are filled with faith and live their lives according to God’s Plan. These people, my friends, continue to be my role models.

    Describe a rewarding class outreach project 2 x 2 has always been a generous class. A Benevolent Fund is maintained to help support a variety of missions in the church, in the community and in the world. Each year after the fund is collected; a committee decides which charities we will help and how much each will receive. In the recent past, we’ve supported Outreach Campers, Wilkinson Center, the Haiti Eye Clinic and the Nepal mission as well as the school supply drive and the annual coat drive.

    Describe a typical class session. We begin at 9:30 singing two hymns. The President then thanks the greeters, the song leader, and our pianist. The President makes announcements. The Secretary reports on the attendance and the Concerns Chairman gives her report. The collection is then taken as the pianist plays. Then, the Vice President introduces the speaker who opens with a prayer and ends their lesson at 10:15. We collectively say our class benediction.

    Provide adjectives that describe your class. Older but wiser, genuine concern for each other, fun-loving, caring, seekers of knowledge and God’s truth, and Christ’s servants.

    What does your class do as a group for fun? We have 4 social events for the year. We gather for a Christmas Party, a Valentine Party, a “Spring Fling” party and dinner at ‘Ol Whiskers.

    Why did you join the class and why are you still active in the class? We joined because of the people! We remain active members not only because everyone is family but because of the level of care and fun-loving nature of the group.

    Interview Questions compiled from Pat Adams, Margie Zahniser and Verna Hicks Patton

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